Welcome to Green Acres Regional Center, Inc., home of award-winning LeSage Natural water! We are thrilled you are here and we hope you'll take just a few minutes to learn not only about our incredible product but, more importantly, the mission behind it. LeSage Natural, a nonprofit facility, is the only bottling facility in the country whose sole purpose is employing and training people with disabilities. To that end, regardless of the quantity, we do not refer to anybody who takes our water as a 'customer'. Far from that, you are considered a 'partner' in the truest sense of the word.    

Our Award-Winning Bottled Water

LeSage Natural received the Gold Metal for taste at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

Is all bottled water the same? Definitely not! Since 1991, a group of expert judges has convened every February in a small town in West Virginia at the largest water tasting competition in the world. These judges are faced with the daunting task of deciding what they consider to be the best tasting and highest quality waters in the world. The event, held in Bath (more commonly known as Berkeley Springs), has welcomed companies from all over the U.S. (Alabama to Wyoming) and the world (Argentina to the United Kingdom). In 2005, LeSage Natural was awarded FIRST PLACE for bottled water! 

So, whether it's individual 16.9-ounce bottles or 3- and 5-gallon bottles, if you're looking for high quality and great tasting bottled water, the experts (and all our partners!) will tell you that you've found it! LeSage Natural has been internationally recognized for taste and purity, and it's sourced and bottled in just one place - Lesage, West Virginia. 


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Our Unique Mission

LeSage Natural's Mascot Drippy

Among all the bottling facilities throughout the United States and the world, LeSage Natural is one of a kind. A division of Green Acres Regional Center, we are a nonprofit organization founded over 50 years ago to provide job opportunities and training for adults with developmental disabilities. In addition to our own facility, our water, derived from our own deep-sealed wells, is delivered to other similar facilities throughout West Virginia. Those facilities are then able to use people with disabilities to distribute our water in those parts of the state, thus creating even more jobs.

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