LeSage Natural water was awarded a Gold Medal at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting"Where does your water come from?"

We get asked this a lot, and it's a very good, and very important, question. The answer is what sets us apart from most other bottled water companies. 

Unlike many brands of water that come from municipal sources from multiple locations, every bottle of LeSage Natural is sourced from our own deep sealed wells right here on our campus in Lesage, West Virginia. Our water is very high quality straight out of the ground, but to ensure the highest quality we filter and process it using carbon/multimedia filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis, ozonation, and UV light. You and your family will immediately taste the difference! Try LeSage Natural for your coffee, tea, oatmeal, and cooking! Everything tastes better when you start with LeSage Natural!

LeSage Natural is more than just great tasting water. Our mission is about helping those with disabilities with job training and employment opportunities. 

Our goal here at LeSage Natural is not how much profit we can produce for the owner or shareholders (there aren't any!); it's how many people with disabilities we can hire and train. We want these folks to have the opportunity of feeling the purpose and meaning that can come from contributing to a cause, as well as the satisfaction in taking home a paycheck. 

Call us today at 304.762.2522, toll-free at 844.453.7243 (844-4Lesage), or email us at [email protected]. You'll not only enjoy our award-winning water, but you'll no longer have the hassle of having to lug around cases or jugs from the store! Plus, you'll be making a positive difference in the lives of our employees. And it's so convenient! Get it delivered right to your business, home, or wherever you want it on a regular schedule or, if you prefer, you can contact us as you need it.  


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