we're West Virginia proud and we're on a mission!

LeSage Natural Water is a division of the Green Acres Regional Center, Inc., located in Lesage, West Virginia, 12 miles north of Huntington. Green Acres was founded more than 50 years ago to provide job opportunities and training for the developmentally disabled. We say "Come to Green Acres and we'll find a place for you to contribute and excel!" We love to brag about their successes and their importance to our company and it's future. As a nonprofit, LeSage Natural Water is the only facility of its kind in the United States!

Our mission doesn't stop at the end of our driveway, however. In addition to providing jobs for our own people, our water provides jobs and training for adults with disabilities at other facilities around the state. In some cases, these facilities send their trucks to our campus to pick up bottles, then take those bottles back to their part of West Virginia and distribute the water there. In other cases, we will deliver the water to them, and they then distribute it to the surrounding areas. Some of these facilities are located in Hancock County, Nicholas County, and Beckley. So what we produce here from our well in Lesage helps to produce jobs and opportunities all over West Virginia!  


Our Water

Water from a TAP?? No way!! Our water is derived from our own deep-sealed well right on our campus. We're starting with top quality West Virginia water, of course, but we don't stop there. While most bottled waters are filtered only once, LeSage Natural Water goes through a four-step filtration process. This ensures the highest quality and taste, and the results speak for themselves. LeSage Natural Water has won both the Gold and Silver Medals at the Berkeley Springs International Water Competition, the most prestigious water tasting competition in the world.


Our Partners

When you make a purchase at LeSage Natural Water, you are much more than just a 'customer'. No matter if you purchase one case or bottle or thousands, you truly have become a partner in our mission to provide meaningful jobs for those whose opportunities may be limited elsewhere.

We love to brag about our partners, and if you'd like to meet some of our awesome partners, go to our Facebook page!

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