At LeSage Natural, our employees are the focus of our entire operation. These are the folks who bottle the water and get it out to all our partners. Some have been at Green Acres for a very long time, and we would not exist without them! Here's a great big thank you to all of our dedicated staff that help keep the water flowing.  Each month we recognize an individual who has gone above and beyond for us. They receive an 'Employee of the Month' certificate as well as a gift card from our friends at Fruth Pharmacy.


January 2020

The January Employee Of The Month is....(drum roll, please!) Carl Frasher! (His last name sounds like Smokin' Joe Frazier, the late, great boxing champion.) That's Carl on the left, and presenting Carl his certificate and gift card is his supervisor, Jason Hagen. Carl is one of our delivery drivers, and just like all of our delivery drivers he is a great guy as well as extremely dependable - two attributes that are massively appreciated when it comes to lugging 42-pound bottles of water all day.

Carl is an accomplished guy, that's for sure. I asked him to tell me a little bit about himself, and he told me that he has won 3 Pulitzer prizes, run 14 marathons (2 of those in a row!), and was once the King of England. (Ummmm...I am a little suspicious of the marathon story...2 in a ROW???) But hey, who am I to question? I couldn't get into M.I.T. because I couldn't SPELL 'M.I.T'.

Actually, Carl loves to spend his free time working out (like picking up and carrying 42-pound bottles all day ISN"T??) and spending time with his mastiff, beagle, and labrador. (Most of that previous paragraph was made up. I won't tell you which part is true.)





April 2019 Robert Huddleston

May 2019 Greg Shank

Both Robert and Greg work in the water room and both have been at Green Acres since the early '90's. Unfortunately, due to privacy regulations, we can't post their pictures, which is a major disappointment for both of them! They both received the certificates and gift cards, however, so that should make up for it a little! Thank you, Robert and Greg!